We possess a comprehensive field infrastructure that enables us to capture quality information from all over the country.

Dedicated B2B Data Collection team

We possess a skilled and highly trained B2B (Business-to-Business) field team which is exclusively dedicated in conducting and gathering data from corporates such as Limited Companies, SME’s, Government Organizations and Ministries

Dedicated B2C Data Collection team

Our B2C team specializes in gathering onsite information from a variety of respondents pertaining to different research types. These include information gathering from general public and relevant segments of commercial enterprises such as, FMCG, Telecommunications, Automobiles, Banks, Oil & Gas Retailers, etc.

Mystery Shopping team

A dedicated and specialized team for handling critical mystery shopping exercises to evaluate performance, quality of service, price audits of target organizations.


  • Auto dialing with integrated call management system
  • Live listening in and digital recording capability

ARB has pioneered the CATI (Computer Aided Telephonic Interview) system in Oman. We have a system of 6 dedicated CATI work stations situated on our premises which can be utilized to conduct telephonic interviews from a provided database. This enables us to provide research solutions at a reasonable price and expedites data collection and project completion.


ARB also has developed a CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interview) system where we have the capability of conducting interviews through tablets and mobile apps, ensuring that data is captured faster and in an accurate manner expediting the entire research process.

Through our in-house development team, we can leverage our survey software to deliver stylish, media rich surveys directly to mobile phones and tablets. These capabilities give us the flexibility to conduct research studies of any size and ensures higher quality of data by way of dynamic quality control.

Focus Groups 

ARB has dedicated facilities on its premises tailored to conduct Focus-Groups. The facilities include a viewing room for clients with high quality recording and playback equipment.

We have an internal recruitment team that can provide recruitment for all types of segments and respondent profiles. Additional services provided include:

  • Real Time Monitoring Facility
  • Real Time Audio Translation
  • Bi-lingual Hosting in English and Arabic