Using qualitative and quantitative social research methods and through an in-depth study of social aspects and their interconnectedness with all other financial, economic, market aspects, we aid institutions in both the public and private sector to make more informed and effective decisions.

Some of ARB’s core research methods and tools, which form the building blocks of any approach that ARB prescribes, are as follows:


  • Face to face/In-person surveys
  • Telephone surveys/ CATI
  • Email surveys
  • Online surveys
  • Mystery Shopper Exercises

Group Discussions

Field Trials

  • Product testing
  • Car Clinics

Personal In-depth Interviews

  • In-depth interviews
  • Paired in-depth interviews

Observation Studies

Trained observers will observe and record how people behave in a certain situation e.g. how consumers respond to an organization’s customer service and etc.