ARB has built a reputation for innovation within the research industry and an understanding of the local market. We are proud of our reputation and take pride in servicing our clients to the best of our abilities. Some of the modules that we have developed and implemented are as follows:


Customized Research Services

ARB’s develops/ delivers customized research services to address the unique needs of clients. With its existing research capabilities and accomplished team of consultants, ARB is equipped to address specific research requirements of enterprises. ARB’s tailor-made research services include quick market scan, sector reports, in-depth market analysis, competition monitoring, consumer research and satisfaction studies, supplier research, growth trends, and more. ARB’s proprietary methodologies allow us to design a perceptive approach to balance cost, time, and analytics to meet clients’ requirements. Our business/ market research solutions are formulated with one goal in mind – to provide accurate, quality research data and analysis to ensure tactical success for clients.

Customer Satisfaction / Experience Index

A model which identifies key drivers of customer satisfaction and service quality parameters which give an organization a competitive edge. In today’s competitive environment delivering high quality service is the key for a sustainable competitive advantage, organization’s profitability & ROI.

Employee Engagement Index

We have developed a comprehensive module to monitor and measure the Employee Engagement, Index and motivation level in your organisation. This provides a tailor-made tool to understand key parameters which influence the productivity and inclination of employees to perform to the best of their abilities.

Feasibility Study

As a research firm, we play a crucial role in assisting to our client to understand feasibility for their business idea. A feasibility study to determine the viability of the idea before proceeding with the establishment of a business.

Mystery Shopping - Quality of Service

A Mystery Shopping – Quality of Service model designed to identify and evaluate metrics with which service and performance parameters of employees and outlets can be evaluated. The model provides real-world, practical data about what is taking place at the "moment of truth" when the customer interacts with the business, enabling businesses to pinpoint improvements in their customer experience initiatives/ outlets.

Economic Research and Analysis

We possess a team of seasoned Economists, Statisticians and Researchers, who specialize in Econometric modeling, statistical forecasting, studying economic trends and index construction. Our company plays a pivotal role in assisting government, international institutions and MNCs by sinking our teeth into the thick of policy-oriented analysis, based on which key decisions are taken.

Patient Satisfaction Index

The Patient Satisfaction Index Model measures the degree of satisfaction and assuredness which the existing patients of Hospitals and Health Centers perceive to be present in their choice of medical delivery channel. The results from the survey provide government and health service management with important information as to where quality improvement activities should be directed for greatest effect.

Social Research

We at ARB possess the capabilities to conduct social research to understand and explore the relationships and effects of social issues on different industrial sectors, economic segments, market scenarios. Moreover, we extensively study societal issues including, but not limited to, those of health, customs, economic, education, empowerment, poverty, population, food and agriculture and general awareness.

Agriculture Research

We are experienced in value chain analysis for Agriculture sector and partnering with Global AgriSystem a premier agribusiness consulting group exclusively devoted to the agriculture and food sectors.

Key Business Areas:

  • Consulting & Technical Advisory
  • Turnkey & Project Management Services
  • Post-Harvest Management Services
  • Fresh Produce Supply Chain
  • Hydroponics and soil less greenhouse project Services

An example of a few questions we could help you answer:

    • How satisfied are my customers with different service aspects of my organization?
    • How satisfied and engaged are my employees with aspects of the organization such as corporate strategy and training?
    • How would an increase in the number of players in the Telecom industry affect the sector and Oman’s economy on the whole?
    • Who is my current customer base and what is the profile of my average consumer?
    • Which is the part of the country’s customer base which I have still left untapped? Would it be lucrative to focus on this segment?
    • What do consumers think of my brand? What are the feelings and associations that my brand inspires?
    • If I wish to gain an edge over the rest of the market, how could I go about doing so? What are the strengths and weaknesses of my competitors?
    • What is the extent of seasonal fluctuation in prices during the month of Ramadan, how has this affected consumer behavior?
    • What are the changes that require immediate effect in order to increase the influx of tourists into the Sultanate?
    • What are the pros and cons of a monetary union within the GCC?
    • What is the extent of difference in purchasing power between Muscat and other governorates? What is the causal factor of this difference?
    • How much does my competitor charge his customers for those goods that are comparable to mine?
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